We are going co connect real life businesses with web3 and provide them tools for managing Members loyalty programs on blockchain Our goals: - Build a real club with a membership based on generative NFTs - Develop tools that simplify process of blockchain loyalty program creation and management Phase 1: - Generative NFTs collection with membership levels based on smart-contracts Phase 2: - Web app that supports NFTs owners (voting, level upgrading, etc) Phase 3: - Platform that helps creation and management of membership levels in blockchain

KrakensClub - Decentralized Membership showcase

How it's made

The project uses Polygon, Moralis and OpenSea APIs What was done during the hackathon: - Smart contracts with Membership leveling support - Membership area with possibility to manage tokens and levels - First rarity concept of NFT collection We are team of Fronted developer/Founder, Solidity developer, Designer