KryptoBird is an NFT Marketplace where users can upload there work and other users could mint and become the owner of the NFTs.


KryptoBirds is a NFT-Space where users can see the work of other users in the marketplace and can mint and then can become the owner of the that work. Whenever the user enters the marketplace he sees multiple birds images being uploaded by different account holders and if he likes any of them he just has to copy the link that is being generated by the IPFS whenever the file was uploaded to IPFS and then he goes to the Minting Page pastes the URL and yaay he is the owner of that KryptoBird. However if one KryptoBird is being owned by someone then if another account holder cannot mint and become its owner as NFT means Non Fungible Token and therefore he has to try on some other KryptoBird.

KryptoBirds showcase

How it's made

KryptoBirds uses the Solidity Smart Contracts , ReactJS , IPFS. IPFS is used to store the images and get the minting done by using the link that we get from IPFS. It was an interesting 2 days that taught me a lot about NFTs and how to build smart contracts of ERC721 . There were many errors and fixes that i have don in these 2 days and i built a simple yet a satisfying project for me. Although i could not make the project to the upmost mark which i wanted to , but in 2 days i think i did a better job.