LetterLoops is a really cool quiz game that uses dialectic graph networks to reimagine human vocabulary in a different way. We have thriving community of players and have created a separate instance where user can pay to get access to the game and that revenue generated is paid back to users in order of their performance.

LetterLoops Unlocked! showcase

How it's made

We generated a Unlock Protocol based Lock to let user pay on Rinkeby Chain and have the membership for 1 day, Then we added Swordy Bot to our guild and have it configured to assign a role to paid members which in turn grant them to a private channel where the puzzles are being posted on fixed intervals, Users can compete with others and solve them before others and earn Lootbox share, The total revenue generated from paid members is in turn the Lootbox which is paid back to the players in order of their performance which is recorded for every month of the game.