LIV3 is an NFT-driven live events Web3 company. We harness the power of Web3 to improve reality. Own the moment.


Pain Points Addressed: 1. Artists’ pain point is that venues and producers and other third parties take a majority of their live performance revenue. There is not additional value created from the secondary markets of live events--you can watch NBA Final highlights on youtube the next day after watching the live game, but we take it to the next level. 2. Fans’ pain point: there is no current way to own a live moment in time and space…no way to own more than a still picture (current NFTs) 3. Overall NFT industry is lacking decentralized and anonymized analytics that help guide future NFT creations. Liv3 Solutions and Core Features: Liv3 solves the gaps in this market by taking recorded footage of live events and applies our consumer analytics to identify special moments in time and space to make short clip NFTs for fans to own and collect..Drake performing Hot Line Bling live for the first time... or owning the moment when Shaq shattered his first backboard. Liv3 will utilize the power of web3 and NFTs to enhance reality through hosting these momentous events on LivePeer, minting them on Polygon and allowing for bidding and trading on OpenSea or Zora. Two Consumer Product Options: pre-event NFTs (2D collectables and memorabilia) and post-event NFTs (curated video clips).

LIV3 showcase

How it's made

We used Figma for our demo mock up! None of us have a heavy dev background but we are learning :') We had multiple very helpful conversations with Paige and Eric from Livepeer, an amazing relationship we hope to nurture continuing far past the end of NFTHack. Between my co-founders and me, we used to work in consulting and AWS, and now I have ventured into the world of pre-IPO startup. Completing this weekend's challenge and delivering a real project in 48 hours (albeit just a framework), gave me confidence as I build the skill set to become a founder in the near future.