This project uses the ERC 721 Smart contract from Open zeppelin. Event owners can create tickets for their event. The tickets are immediately stored to IPFS and are ready on the ticket marketplace for users to purchase either by using their wallet or by using circle's credit card payment processor. After an event, the event organizers create a memorable video of that event as NFT, and users can come back to the site and claim their MemoTicket. This is sent to their wallet address and it is immutable. after several years to come, they can go back to the wallets and view those memories.

MemoTickets showcase

How it's made

Smart Contrat was from Openzeppelin's ERC 721, tested with hardhat, The front page was developed with Next.js with Chakra UI. The Dapp has the index page, Explore ticket, Create a ticket, Claim memories, dashboard and live event. i used the NFT storage to store ticket with the infura rpc to IPFs. Sample memory vide NFt was made with livepeer streaming service and tested