The Metavault allows users to connect their Metamask and Polkadot wallets. This creates a convenient way to mint NFTs on Ethereum and back them up onto the Subspace blockchain. This gives an extra layer of redundancy for data storage that ensures your NFTs will live on in a trustless way.

MetaVault showcase

How it's made

The Metavault uses the OpenSea API & SDK, Subspace.js, and Truffle.js. To mint the NFT on the Ethereum network and store the data on the Subspace network. The user is then able to list the item for sale on OpenSea via the API. Utilizing the OpenSea API allowed us to give content creators the power of minting their own collections. We did have to replace the reference to IPFS with the reference of the Subspace object ID. It's worth nothing that this was just a hack for the hackathon, IPFS and Subspace can coexist as storage backup solutions.