Is a curated NFT marketplace that allows to collect geolocated murals around the world as NFTs while supporting the creators and preserving the cultural heritage. 

We use QR codes and new technologies such as the Overlap Reality® among others as a getaway to enter the web3 straight from the streets to the metaverse. For this hackathon we are creating a Community Token (MURAL) that allows us to create value while the community and the quality of artists grows. But before we launch the token we want to have a neat whitepaper that connects with the community.

MURAL TOKEN - Whitepaper V.0 showcase

How it's made

We use Solidity to create our smart contracta & IPFS to store our metadata. We re creating our own community token: the MURAL, that will allows us to distribute the sales without paying gas fees everytime. Also we are testing the Superfluid protocol for the instant distribution sales between creators and the platform itself.