A fundamental web3 protocol that provides PFP NFTs utilization with ownership proven as an avatar in everywhere.


We help NFT owners release their NFT power - show them as the avatar everywhere, no matter it is in web2 applications, web3 applications, crypto games, or even in the Metaverse. As long as you would like to use your NFTs as an avatar, we are the ones you need to check out. We only support mainnets for the user to setup the NFTs, NO ANY TESTNETS are supported. On the other hand, the other web3 builders can use our API to get the linked avatar by using the user's wallet, ENS, and email.

MyAvatar showcase

How it's made

This project stores the avatar onto IPFS/Filecoin via if the NFT asset did not save on IPFS, behind the science, and it utilizes the img8 protocol to resize and optimize the images stored on IPFS via CID. We used the Covalent to fetch all NFTs data.