## What is NFT Airdrop? NFT Airdrop is used to airdrop NFTs, anyone can create a campaign to start a NFT airdrop, features include: - Multiple template selection. Currently it supports 2 templates: Lootbox and Common NFT. Will add more later! - Filter by NFT holders. Support to specify any NFT holders is eligible to claim your NFTs - IPFS. Image files are saved to IPFS. - Multiple properties. Currently support 3 properties, appearance, level and fight power. ## What you can use NFT Airdrop for? NFT is a representation of reputaion, so you can use NFT Airdrop to: - Reward your community members with limited NFTs. - Membership. - Airdrop to your fans. - Marketing campaign. - Reward the attendees that attend your event. - And more... Use your imagination, there will be a lot of fun with NFT Airdrop.

NFT Airdrop showcase

How it's made

We think NFT is a representation of reputation, so we want to create a tool to distribute NFTs easily. We use scaffold-eth to do the prototype, scaffold-eth provide a preset tools and scripts to accelerate the development. We use morails api to get NFT info, this is great because we do not need to host our index service. We use polygon network, it provides lower fee for each transaction.