Slogan: Turn your Birthday Cards into NFTs, digitalize your memories forever. Overview: NFT Birthday Cards is an app that helps you digitalize your memories forever. Join us to create, trade, and sell your Birthday Cards. NFT Birthday Card is a platform that helps you protect your important memories, moments, and wishes. No more birthday cards ending up in the trash. With NFT Birthday Cards you can collect Birthday Cards, create, trade, and sell them. This dapp will have a marketplace for artists to sell NFT birthday cards template. Users will be able to upload and design their own or buy a template. Find meaningful birthday cards for family and friends, spread kindness, and save them through a decentralized and transparent way using blockchain technology to document your life from start to finish. How does it work? It's a simple process, just come up with a design/idea, start designing, and invite others to sign the birthday card. Share the NFT Birthday Card with that special someone: Share your awesome idea, design, thoughtful message, or good wishes with your loved ones. Register your NFT Birthday Card Each NFT Birthday Card is represented as an NFT that holds your valuable work and ideas. Find contributors, family, and friends. Invite people, family, friends, and even coworkers to sign up for the birthday card. Anyone can see the NFT birthday card, but only members who are invited can access the NFT. Sell your Designs and get fund it List your NFT template and offer potential deals for users to buy your design.

NFT Birthday Cards showcase

How it's made

This project is made using solidity for the smart contract, ReactJs, Material-UI for the frontend, Truffle for compiler, Covalent to gather users ERC20 tokens, NFTPort for minting NFTs on the Mumbai network. IPFSto store the NFT birthday card images and metadata. Deployed on Harmony testnet for cheap fees. ENS to allow users to enter their address to receive NFTs.