We provide streaming site of music NFT. You can set your NFT to this site. site will stream NFT music like radio. anyone can hear your music NFT. It contains OpenSea link. so other can offer in OpenSea. First: connect wallet. Second: fetch NFTs from Etherscan API. Third: fetch metadata of NFT. 4th: if it contains `audio_url`, print they NFT 5th: user can select and upload this NFT. 6th: anyone can hear

NFT-Cast showcase

How it's made

Use NuxtJs, Etherjs, Typescript. front page is SPA, using Vuejs, Nuxtjs Use firebase, cloud function, hosting. backend for fetching metadata, uses cloud function of firebase. Use OpenSea API, Etherscan for fetching user's ERC721 token and web3js for connecting wallet, this time only MetaMask is supported.