We wanted to make a social media platform where all of the posts are tokenized. Users could lock their content and make it gated and ask other users to pay to access it. But we didn't finish it all by now we have a website where users can create new posts, we fetch users nfts to their profile though we didn't have enough time to display it properly, users can create a profile with bio add avatar and banner. We are planning to try to finish the project in the future.

NFT_FANS showcase

How it's made

For the front-end part we used React.js, we used moralis for the database for storing data as well as SDK. We decided to tokenize posts, store and upload images into IPFS, we were planning to use Unlock for token-gated access, we used NFTPort API for letting people create NFT's we are planning to launch it on the polygon because it offers reasonable transaction fees for users.