I have an idea and an approach. I'd like to tokenize AI revision (or morphisms). Let's say for example you have an ML with better training data or Auto ML. I'd like to create an NFT for each revision: good or bad, of these AI's. My initial approach would be to set up a GAN breeder or Image classifier on a Linux box and pipe the changes to the chain as an NFT. This is probably too much this hackathon and I am so inexperienced with this format, that we'll likely fail. But it would be fun to try! Perhaps this could be similar to a registration number to unlock the particular version of the AI/ML What I am calling their "personalities". I don't want this to misconstrued as buying or selling AI's as they may eventually have their own rights, not just property.

NFT for AI/ML Morphisms showcase

How it's made

At the start of this hackathon, I'm thinking to set-up an Image Classifier on Ubuntu with PyTorch. Off-the shelf. Use a couple of auto-training or different data sets, and write the hash function of the morphed AI to the chain as an NFT.