NFT Heatmap will improve the adoption of NFTs by hacking together the Ranking of NFTS selling on Opensea into a heatmap. Its a tool that can be used for people who want to invest in NFTs If you can visualize the NFTs that are trending higher by seeing a rectangle growing larger and greener you may want to ride the trend and purchase the NFT This tool can also be used in the Harmony One ecosystem on DeFi Kingdoms. By taking the sales of Hero NFTs and looking at the attributes like classes and professions and seeing which heros are trending

NFT HeatMap showcase

How it's made

NFT Heatmap takes the JSON information from the rankings of purchased NFTS on the OpenSea website via the Opensea APIs. That JSON Information is fed into the D3 framework for Treemap to visualize increasing trends by rectangles getting larger and greener and lowering trends by rectangles getting smaller and redder.