A platform for houses, apartments owners to buy or rent their homes as NFTs. 1- House owner adds house image, address, name, rent per month in DAO, And the number of renters. - Add all data in token URI (IPFS hash) - Mint NFT in ERC721 2- Renter pay in DAO the exact amount for a month. - Check if the amount equals the payment per month. - Check if there is a place for renting or the user is already a renter. - If already a renter, check the last time he paid fees. Else add _msgSender() as renter. - transfer the rent fees to `ownerOf(tokenId)` - Add the last time the renter paid the renting fees (now) 3- House owner can list the house for sale. 4- Anyone with enough DAO can buy the house property. 5- Both renter and owner can enter their house using the public address as a digital key. - isOwner(tokenId) return _msgSender() === ownerOf(tokenId) - isRenter(tokenId) return renters[tokenId][_msgSender()]

NFT House showcase

How it's made

I deployed all smart contracts on Polygon Mumbai Testnet. The user can mint NFTs with ERC721 standard. The smart contract map the created NFT to the rent price and the renters. The NFT owner receives rent from renters to ownerOf(tokenId). All payments are on MATIC, The NFT can list his property (house, apartment...etc) for sale. Anyone can buy it and still has the renters. NFT owner should upload image (I use IPFS as host). then add information like address, rent price, description, and the number of renters inside the house.