This is a web app and a 3D METAVERSE art gallery, --WEB APP []: --The web app of this project allows you to create, buy, sell NFTs (pics and streams) for the create item tab and then you can create an NFT pic and NFT stream, the assets are stored with ipfs/filecoin in the smart contract which is deployed on polygon, the streams are been gasless minted by NFT port and stored on ipfs with the use of, we use livepeer to initiate the stream at high quality and you will be provide with information to put in your streaming software (preferably OBS) and the metaverse to connect them together. The smart contract is deployed on polygon, where all the nfts minted goes to and you can view them in the market place in the web app, there is also a lounge tab where you find docs on the app (still updating it) and some deployments site to know more about the app and get a view of how it was built. you can create, sell, buy nfts on the market place which will require matic, The streaming with livepeer is streamed directly to the METAVERSE and as usual there will be a recording of your stream in with you can download, when minting a stream, we use NFTport gasless minting to mint the stream and we use the covalent api to get the data of the stream and display it below for the user to see the data of the stream. METAVERSE --[] 3D :-- This is an art gallery style METAVERSE in which you can connect your wallet to the verse and view the NFTS in the lounge contract deployed on polygon and you can view the nfts you own on polygon in 3D 🀯🀯, I also incorporated the ability to view a live stream using livepeer in your METAVERSE (you can stream your world, send the metaverse key to a friend (any where in the world 🌎 ) and they can view your world life in their world) the metaverse key is found on the web app as "lounge METAVERSE key" and this will allow you to connect with multi of your friends and even random people to join you and watch as you explore your verse. There is also a bit of music as there will be musical NFTs for you to click and enjoy sweet music. Did i forget to say this was all built with unity on the webgl for testing, unity easily has support for VR/AR, webgl is been used for testing currently.

NFT lounge showcase

How it's made

This project was built with the following ---> - polygon - livepeer - ipfs/filecoin - - NFT port - covalent - Unity 3D - etc --- polygon : the contract was deployed on polygon and that is where the metaverse fetches the nft from the smartcontract on polygon and displays it in a 3D environment to visualise your NFT. -- livepeer : the web app can create a stream and then generate some key to plug to your streamsoftware like obs to start a stream then you can take the lounge key to your metaverse to play it in the metaverse, the loader used for the streams has advanced buffer mechanism and if the stream is short (5 - 7mins) it can be minted. -- ipfs/filecoin : ipfs is use to store the nfts created online and to have then on the smart contract so they can be fetched and displayed in the marketplace and in the metavere.we also use ipfs in nftport and to store the streams and mint them -- : i used this to store the ipfs stream in a blob which is connect to an api key to have them persist permanently -- NFT port : this is used to do the gasless minting for the stream, so the user will not have to pay gas to keep the stream on the blockchain and in the smart contract ( contract) -- covalent : this is used to read the data of the lazy minted ad show the user the data derived from the minting -- Unity 3D : this is the engine where the metaverse is run on that gives out high quality graphic and a versatile program language that can be used for various purposes