The idea is to build an interface between POH - Superfluid - IPFS Every people who verify their identity in POH, instantly get an NFT digital passport. ---------- NFT passport for every address or ENS domain verified in POH NFT design is exactly the same of the typical passport that every country has. But this one says PLANET EARTH PASSPORT and has the logo of Flag of Planet Earth. Every Planet Earth Passport is related with your country of residence --> Where you vote ------- Of course on every Passport, at the same of Wallet address we can track the engagement of the people, the impact and the reputation. And we can reward them in the future. They can also vote and engage in the DAO of their country. (Future Work --> every country will be a DAO) -------- Description of the image of NFT Like the typical Passport, but: PLANET EARTH Flag of Planet Earth Logo ARGENTINA —— PLANET EARTH Flag of Planet Earth VENEZUELA —— PLANET EARTH Flag of Planet Earth BRASIL. Etc...

NFT Passports - PLANET EARTH showcase

How it's made

KEYpieces: * Interface POH / Superfluid - Smart Contract on Both protocols - User Wallets (ENS Domains associated) interacting with them - NFTS Passports on IPFS * Building an interface that is connected to the passport NFT smart contract which integrates with Superfluid and POH protocol * Log-in - POH to get NFT passport secure on IPFS storage. You can read in detail here: file:///Users/jp/Downloads/Planet%20Earth%20Passport%20NFThack%20Pitch.pptx.pdf NFTs Passports - Planet Earth on the IPFS Storage - ERC721 Smart Contract as I did in my DEMO video. SO then, with (IPFS hash) will write Smart Contract on Supefluid Protocol and Smart Contract on PoH Protocol. Specifically we will build a new Interface between them and users can interact with their wallets and the Smart Contracts. PoH has all the pools directly with Uniswap, super high Gas Fees. We are planing to make new pools through Superfluid.