NFT Toolbox is a suite of online tools for NFT collection, NFT discovery and NFT trading. On our website (, users can log in using their MetaMask wallet. Then they will be able to see their NFT collections, token balances and also search for NFTs and user accounts etc. Both the Ethereum mainnet and Polygon networks are supported. Instead of creating something like an OpenSea clone, this project focuses on providing advanced tools that are currently not available (at least in one-place) on other platforms. For example, users can create watchlists for NFTs and other user account. Then they will be able to monitor aggregated recent activities for the watched NFTs or accounts in one place. Also, this platform supports advanced NFT searches such as reverse image search (finding other NFTs with similar images) and NFT counterfeit search (finding potential duplicates for the given NFT). Below is a list of the main features (all functioning already): 1) NFT Discovery & Research: -- Search NFTs with Text or Image -- AI based NFT Counterfeit Detection 2) NFT & Account Trading: -- Account Watchlist: Keep Track of Other NFT Collectors or Traders -- NFT Watchlist: Keep Track of NFTs That You Are Interested -- Aggregated Activity Monitoring for Watched NFTs and Accounts 3) NFT Trading: -- Discover the Lowest Prices for NFTs 4) Easy To Use: -- Use MetaMask to log in and log out -- Easily switch between Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon

NFT Toolbox showcase

How it's made

The project is a web based dApp, which is also mobile-friendly. It uses Moralis Server to host backend logic and data. The frontend code was written in JavaScript using VueJS. Services/APIs from the following sponsors were uses: 1) Moralis: -- Backend server -- MetaMask user authentication -- Backend database to store user's NFT watchlist and account watchlist -- API to retrieve NFTs for a given user -- API to get details such as metadata for a given NFT -- API to get a user's token balance -- API to get the lowest price for an NFT 2) NFTPort -- API to search NFT using text -- API to search NFT using image URL -- API for NFT counterfeit detection -- API to get details such as metadata for a given NFT 3) OpenSea -- API to get details such as metadata for a given NFT -- API to get recent events for a NFT -- API to get recent events for a user account -- All NFTs in this project are linked to OpenSea website for trading.