This is a dead-simple NFT viewer for EVM testnets. It's powered by the unified Covalent API and works across 6 different EVM testnets, allowing you to quickly and easily view the raw metadata of any NFT. The core motivation behind this project is to speed up the development process when making complex NFTs. One of the most common issues newer devs face is the lack of tools available on testnets to check their mints for bugs and other issues. Most dapps are rate limited, don't support all the testnets, and aren't built for debugging. This is a very basic solution to some of these problems. The main feature I wasn't able to finish in time is an address watcher. Devs usually publish contracts from the same address, which is a perfect way to fetch and display all their recent mints as they happen.

NFT Viewer showcase

How it's made

This is a simple single-page NextJS application built with a bit of Chakra-UI. I'm using the Covalent API to fetch NFT metadata for 6 EVM chains - Kovan, Avalanche Fuji, Matic Mumbai, the BSC testnet, the Arbitrum testnet and the Fantom testnet. Once I have the metadata, I try to guess how they're storing media - is it a JSON link, direct image link, or base64 svg? I decode or fetch from source appropriate to display the media and simply print out metadata.