Currently, there aren't any NFT specific widgets that a user or collection can add to their website, blog, storefront, or newsletter. It is usually links and all. So built an NFT widget that people can add to their website just like the Github fork widget. It's very simple to use. You use the main widget link creation website to create the widget link, which you add to your website, storefront, newsletter or any blog and people can see live information about your or your collection activity.

NFT Widget showcase

How it's made

It uses NFTPort and Opensea APIs to fetch user, collection, and NFT specific data and ZORA Apis to fetch auction-specific data. Still present locally, but will soon upload the frontend to IPFS. The base app is using React to create the widget URL, then I have used the widget URL to support widget operations which call the NFTPort API and Opensea API to fetch NFT/User/Collection specific information.