NFT Wyre

an example tutorial for providing non web3 native users to interact with multichain NFT marketplaces usinf circle payment gateway


currently all the major NFT platforms / protocols have been focusing explicitly priority on the UX and the ease of onboarding the high quality digital / real assets on their platform by composable metadata for various assets , not focusing on the fact that training large segment of the content creators community as well as even investors have greater affinity to the current fintech platforms , as well as challanges of the relative handling of keys and ownership of NFT assets is an learning curve . so my idea ( currently in ideation / development phase) is to fuse the benefits of both circle's api (accounts and payouts ) and handling with the web3 components (details about tokenID and web3 address , minting and auction status and post auction servicing of the payouts and transfer ownership ) across multichain ecosystem , by automating the workflows in the lifecycle by chaining the calls of the circle API's with the onchain applications (using ethers). also given the USDC is constantly gaining the user trust as stablecoin , this will be an great medium for providing the payments in the developing countries were traditional fintech has already great reachablity with the bank accounts currently i have only being able to define the specs and workflow , but my aim post hackathon is to further develop the idea

NFT Wyre  showcase

How it's made

This project just forks the payments-demo web application , and then integrates the following : Zdk : SDK for interacting with the zora auction protocols multichain SDK by rarible . ethers : for other smart contract operations , injection of the web3 provider , and fetching the status of the ERC721 / 1155 events in order to trigger automatic payments to the different entities which are partnering in the project.