This project extends the current NFT art collection landscape in which creators create dozen of collections for sale for more use cases, like making collections for redeeming merchandise. Inspired from early redeemable projects e.g. NFT creator can create their redeemable campaign with commercial-sponsored or their own merchandise from NFTForX and share a page for users to redeem items by burning their NFTs (technically transfer NFT back to the creator). We aimed this project to be a building block that can assure that their art continues to support the value and make artist life more sustainable. There's even more possibility for this project to extend e.g. - having various mechanisms to determine which NFT is redeemable like fixing the specific metadata or randomizing some lucky NFT that can be used for redemption - having DIFFERENT campaign e.g. raffle by sending NFT to get the ticket

NFT4X showcase

How it's made

We created pages for our web application prototype with Next.js, Moralis and Vercel CI - redeemable campaign management page for creator -- creator can - redeemable page for user -- user can send NFT for claiming item her For smart contract, we implemented with Solidity and hardhat for testing and deploying scripts - NFTForX.sol -- contract for manage and account NFT redeemable campaign - NFTForXFactory.sol -- a factory contract for create new NFTForX and account all available campaigns