Create NFTs Collections that you can trade, operate, and compose. Users mint a token that transfers assets when it's first created. Later on users can add as many assets as they would like. These collections are called "bags" and are represented by an ERC721, and can be traded, or re-packed. Burning the bag will redeem all assets within it. Can be great to send presents, prizes, airdrops, or can be used by other protocols to hold collateral.

NFTBags showcase

How it's made

It's an ERC721 that keeps track of assets. There are two methods for now, mint and burn. Mint will add assets (ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155). Burn will redeem said assets to the bag owner. It's mostly built using a lot of from Openzeppelin contract library. I needed a way to list the assets easier and found that Moralis was great help for the user find the assets.