NFTBet is kind of a betting application. Users can enter the game by placing in a bet of 0.01 ETH. Any number of players will be able to join. Then the admin of the game picks a winner, which happens randomly and this winner will get an NFT which can be transferred or traded in OpenSea.

NFTBet showcase

How it's made

The project is built using solidity, ether.js, javascript and react. It uses to save the metadata of NFT. Uses ERC-721 standard for the NFT. The flow is as follows: Players come in to the platform and bet 0.01 ETH inorder to win. As many players can participate for the game. Once the admin decides to pick a winner, a winner will be picked randomly and that winner will be getting an NFT. For this NFT metadata storage we used from IPFS. This NFT also follows opensea standards, so it is tradeable.