NFTBet 1

A betting game where users guess the colors of a randomized NFT's tiles to win it


NFTBet is a game where players make a guess on the colors of a randomly generated, colored grid of tiles. The player with the most correct tile guesses gets the grid as an NFT in the form of a prize along with a fraction of the total bets. Creating a game and placing a bet both require money. Players can make guesses on multiple tiles at once, and can also edit their bets before the game ends.

NFTBet 1 showcase

How it's made

I have used solidity to program the smart contract and hosted it on the Polygon chain. To connect my front end to the smart contract and for authentication purposes, I made use of the Moralis console and speedy nodes. NFT minting is done using NFTPort. I have used React for the front end and Moralis' web3 wrapper to execute smart contract functions in the front end app.