NFTEarn is a whitelabelled marketing platform built for NFT PFP Projects. We help NFT PFP Projects grow by enabling them to rent profile picture space across Discord and Twitter. These rewards and incentives help attract new buyers, build stronger communities, and we believe it will catalyze growth for many NFT projects. NFTEarn is a true "Word of Mouth Marketing" as a service platform. Word of Mouth is by far the most effective advertising technique in the marketing world. There is no other technique that beats social proof in terms of building trust, high click-through rates, and overall conversion rates. Project creators are guided through a concierge onboarding where they will deposit MATICx to a wallet linked to their NFTEarn subscription. The creator can decide how much MATIC they'd be willing to pay someone to set their social profiles to an NFT from their collection. For example, 10 MATIC/month (~$20/month). The rewards are streamed to users every second - this way the project creator only pays for the time that the NFT is being used as a profile picture. Throughout the competition, we went through a rigorous validation process to ensure we were building something that creators actually wanted. So far, we've had a lot of interest from a few dozen NFT projects and we've decided to continue NFTEarn after this Hackathon. The future of the platform will expand past PFP verification on social platforms - we're planning to take this "real-time" payments model and turn it into an entire digital advertising ecosystem in the metaverse.

NFTEarn showcase

How it's made

We bootstrapped the project with create-react-app because we wanted the project to be as light as possible. We also integrated with Web3.js to enable users to connect with their MetaMask wallet, this allowed us to identify the NFTs they own under the wallet address on the Ethereum mainnet. This step is achieved using the OpenSea API. The app is then deployed using Firebase hosting. Our backend is probably the most interesting part, we needed to integrate with the Discord auth module so that after we have obtained the authenticated user’s access and refresh token, we can continuously verify whether their Discord profile picture is the NFT that they own. We store the authenticated response using Supabase’s cloud PostgresQL database. The NodeJS express backend server is then deployed using AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Finally, we had the most fun trying out Superfluid and Polygon. We used Superfluid to create a constant flow stream on the Polygon Mumbai network which sends the token MaticX to the verified NFT holder. It was incredible seeing the money being transferred in realtime and how performant and reliable it was!