Although more people are acquiring NFTs, we don't yet have any solution for people to quickly see their own or someone else's collection via wallet address/ENS. NFTree aims to solve this problem. There are two main use cases for the current product. First, users can search for any wallet address or ENS (including their own) and quickly get a visual display of all NFTs they currently own. Any video-based NFTs will autoplay with sound off (because no one likes autoplay with sound on 😬), and, of course, NFTs with image representations are displayed as well. We have also added the current floor and average prices for each NFT as available for added convenience. The second use case is sharing your NFTs for others to see! With a simple click of the copy button, you can get a link for the NFTree page with the NFTs owned by your current search. This way, you can easily share your own or someone else's NFTs with one link. As NFTs become more popular in our society, a lightweight and simple way to view/share them will become essential. We think NFTree is the start on tackling this idea.

NFTree showcase

How it's made

We use The Graph's ENS subgraph to allow for queries to be a wallet address or an ENS, whichever the user enters. NFTPort is used to fetch NFTs along with their floor and average prices via Rarible and Opensea. React, Nextjs, and typescript are used together to make the webapp and bring everything together.