This project combines defi and NFTs, bringing NFT to the crypto newbies as well as incentivizing crypto adopters to participate in defi. NFTsave is a simple crypto savings platform that allows users to deposit their erc20/native tokens and get NFTs + yield. Each asset they deposit is regarded as a yield bearing currency and is backed by an NFT representing proof of stake. This comes with a very good designed NFT dashboard that allows a user to manage crosschain NFTs in one place. a bidirectional payment service is added to ensure seamless money inflow/outflow right in the dapp. A user does not need to own a crypto currency to start saving.

NFTsave showcase

How it's made

The project is deployed on polygon PoS The NFTs are minted and managed via Nftport while the metadata and the dapp itself is stored in a persistent decentralized storage (filecoin/ipfs). Polygon NFT bridge (will) power(s) the Eth - polygon NFT bridge. Built out of the box with pre-built components from material UI and moralis, the UI is more than frictionless to users. Using moralis, the Heart of dapp interaction is established as it is fully powered by moralis. However, and are the storage locations.