We help take your 2D NFT collection into the 3D-Verse. Once connected, you can claim your username and unique website URL that showcases your finest collections in 3D 🐒 Aside from looking dope AF, adding your unique website URL to your Twitter bio shows that your collections are 💯 legit. Here's a fine example NFZ also wants to be the simplest and sexiest way for brands and companies to ape into the Metaverse. Working with us means that you can sit back and relax while we take care of 3D-Modelling, Minting, and Distributing your NFTs for you. We hope to grow this project and unlock all our roadmaps - If you would like to support us, check out our launchpad for our Red Founder Undies!

NFZ.WORLD showcase

How it's made

For the front-end, we used React (HTML, Javascript, CSS). For our back-end, we used NodeJS and FireBase. For our contract (not deployed), we used Ethereum and Solidity. I am using the Opensea APIs to retrieve the NFT assets that a user owns. I would also like to use Opensea marketplace in future developments.