Nines is a cross-chain NFT game where NFTs from different chains come together in bands of 9 NFTs and challenge each other for low or high stakes. ## The Vision - NFTs from multiple chains join together in teams of 9 - (Trusted) Registrar validates ownership - When a team reaches 9 members, each member gets an NFT (ERC1155) - Members deposit a stake - Nines are mini DAOs - Proposals to challenge other DAOs, to respond or retreat. - Lose portion of stake if retreat or challenge lost

Nines showcase

How it's made

## How it was made - Moralis NFT api is used to display the user's NFT from the chose chain - the chosenNFT is sent to a (trusted/centralized) server, which validates the claimed ownership (also using Moralis NFT api). Once validated, the registrar registers the NFT with the nines smart contract (currently Polygon Mumbai). - the user can then choose to create a Nine or join an existing Nine. A transaction is required for either. - once a Nine reaches 9 members, and ERC1155 NFT is minted (a 9 of 9) and sent to each member automatically