Authors can self-publish books, even anonymously, having all freedom and no censorship over the content. It is easier to control market supply and the revenue from sales is directly sent into his/her wallet. Also, they can receive royalty as compensation for every exchange whenever it occurs. Books can also be distributed for free, whether to publicize or as a donation. Readers can buy directly from Authors. As the books are being self-published, authors can earn better even by offering books at cheaper prices. They can sell books that are less likely to be read again in the future, and regain a portion of the original book cost. An inbuilt native ebook reader is provided and it is not required to use any other dedicated software. Readers can also rent books and can generate revenue in real time.

OpenShelf | OpenDesk showcase

How it's made

In this hackathon we have updated our previous project on the following grounds: 1. We have optimized the solidity contract design with the aim to reduce gas cost to make transactions cheaper for users. 2. We have reduced the data redundancy in smart contracts. 3. Payment are also accepted in Superfluid Super Tokens(currently MATICx) along with regular ERC20 tokens (currently MATIC) for user's convivence. 4. We have created Subgraph using The Graph protocol to index required data from the blockchain.