Phi Land(φ Land)- Generates a unique Metaverse Land to Anyone with an ENS address. Summary - Interpret ENS as a Metaverse address - Utilizing the ENS subdomain, you can generate metaverse land NFTs at ●●●.philand.eth - Community Owned & Driven Current Metaverse Land Problems - Centralized - Less Connectivity / Composability / Availability - Usage is limited - Supply size is determined by a platform - Not Community-Owned Our Solution - Decentralized - Maximized Connectivity / Composability / Availability - Usage is unlimited - Supply size is NOT determined by a platform - Community-Owned Future Prospects - Unlimited Usage - Citizen Badge NFT - Currencies - Object NFT - Generative National Anthem Contacts @phi_xyz ( Team Principal @0xshugo, Wizard Engineer @Zack_3939, Goblin @ZkEther

Phi Land showcase

How it's made

@ensdomains, @MoralisWeb3, @opensea, Frontend: React. Backend: Solidity Cryptsncaverns(CC-0) STPE0 (Preparation) - Create a node in Moralis. - Mint "philand.eth", the issuer of the subdomains. - Fork the NFT creation part of "Cryptsncaverns"(SVG format). STEP1 (ENS Subdomain and NFT for the ownership of the domain) - Contract owns "philand.eth" to mint subdomains. - User requests our contract to mint a subdomain of "●●●.philand.eth". - Contract mints the subdomain and delegates the controller to the user. - Contract mints the NFT as evidence that the user owns the subdomain. - User acquires the ENS subdomain and the NFT of the proof of ownership. STEP2 (Land NFT) - User requests contract to generate a unique Land NFT from the subdomain. - Land NFT will be automatically generated at random from the user's subdomain TokenID and block number. - As a result, the user obtains a Land NFT for Metaverse with ENS subdomain. - Contract-Centric Design in which our contract is responsible for generating subdomains and NFTs - Generation of Land NFTs using random elements of TokenID and block number, conditional on the subdomain.