Pins2NFT create your ideas as a pins on Pinterest. Then, use our DAPPs to do auto convert. And we can show their current available pin2NFT tokens, on token page. So that they can link to OpenSea for sell We will use ipfs, we can link users pinsNFT to for sales in opensea The goal of the project is to allow users to convert NFTs of Pinterest to NFT fast way and easy way you can pins your own artwork on Pinterest first. So that the image is yours. Then login our dapp, you will see that image, then, you can sell as a NFT on OpenSea. That’s easy This hack showcases how users can convert art to NFTs automatically

Pins2NFT showcase

How it's made

How it's made To create frontend with next-app and create backend with hardhat Typescript sample, as follow - create a pins2NFT folder - create a packages folder in it - create a hardhat folder in the packages folder - create an new simple hardhat project - test with OpenSea on Polygon testnet Mumbai - Adding Metamask Connect - Adding Pinterest login - Adding Rocoil - use OpenZeppelin Wizard to create a template ERC271 token contracts - create NFT API - using IPFS, - metadata for PinsNFT - use OpenSea compatible meta data standard The project uses the following technologies: 1. 2. upload art in IPFS 3. Solidity 4. openzepplien 5. opensea 6. React.js 7. polygon Mumbai test net 8-hardhat