We wanted to create a video platform where creators can create custom experiences for viewers - locking specific videos behind NFT-gates, airdropping NFTs to their earliest subscribers (first 100, first 10k, first 1M), airdropping NFTs to subscribers who watch a video within 1 day of uploading (similar to Twitch drops). This creates a win-win situation for both the creators and the subscribers since it incentivizes deeper engagement. We're specifically excited about how this mechanic enables engaged viewers to go out and "talent hunt" the next big social media sensation.

PlanB showcase

How it's made

We sketched out the experience in Miro and Webflow, and built most of the functionality using Moralis and NFTPort. Moralis really helped us streamline a lot of the setup, and we could focus on learning how to work with NFTPort. We used NFTPort APIs to mint 3 collections for a creator. We used collections instead of minting separate NFTs so that it's easier to gate content behind the NFT and also make it easier to display in other sites like Opensea. When the viewer clicks the subscribe button, it mints an NFT from the relevant contract (for e.g. gold if subscriber count was <=100, silver if sub count was <=10k etc). In the future, we can extend this by enabling viewers to show off their NFT collections natively and allow creators to give unique privileges to NFT holders (watch exclusive content, comment on specific videos, airdrop additional NFTs, etc.). NFTPort made it really easy for us at each step. Initially we were intimidated about implementing something in web3 (since both of us come from web2 and have 0 solidity experience), but were surprised at how easy NFTPort made it for us to set up the contracts and mint NFTs.