Plutus connects NFT owners like yourself to the crypto community that loans their ETHs for a small interest. With Plutus, you can get a crypto loan. Everyone wins in the community. Let’s see how it works. It only takes 3 step. Step 1. connect your wallet with Plutus to see the NFT you can loan. Step 2. Select to NFT and see Plutus’s standardized offer of 6 month loan at 12% interest. Step 3. You confirm the transaction. Wo-la, you NFT is kept with Plutus and you have the loan in your wallet. Plutus’s auto recurring feature will remind you about your upcoming payment. Once the loan is fully repaid, Plutus will send the NFT back to your wallet. With Plutus, you can get access to more liquidity and grow your investment portfolio. Keep your NFTs and become richer.

Plutus showcase

How it's made

Plutus is built using front end tools including NodJS and web3. Our smart contract management and deployment is on Truffle. Our programming languages and frameworks include Solidity, ReactJS, HTML5 and JavaScript. We have set up our Blockchain infrastructure and monitoring using Moralis. offers multi-chain cross functional deployment and De-Centralized application development support. With Moralis, we would not have to worry about the infrastructure overhead and focus purely on commercialization of our business model.