Artists and Poets co-create a shared Poetry Collection, of which they have full ownership, and whose royalties are shared amongst all the contributors. Inspired by “Le Cadavre Exquisite” - it’s a creative experiment where each participant contributes to a collective poem, writing 3 lines of poetry, and reading only the last one before theirs, till the completion of the poem. # Artists Can create Artworks & Covers for surrealist Poetry Collections - You choose an Archetype and a line of poetry that represents your Artwork - You upload Artwork + brief description - Poets can select your Artwork as the cover of the Poetry Collection - Every time your Artwork is selected and the Collection is sold, you get royalties. Forever. # Poets can create collective Poems & Poetry collections based on a theme. - Join an Open Room, or create your own. - You choose Archetype & cover. - Each participant writes 3 lines. - Once the Room is closed, the poem added to a unique collection. - You and the other poets receive an equal amount of profit for each Collection Sale. Forever. # Rooms Rooms are where Poets compose the individual, collective poems part of a Collection. Rooms can be of 2 types: for 3 or 5 Participants (Poets). Each Poet adds 3 lines, so: - Rooms with 3 Participants will always generate 9-line poems - Rooms with 5 Participants will always generate 15-line poems # Collections Each Collection is composed by the individual Poems created in the Rooms. Each Collection will have in total 135 lines: 3-poet collections will have 15 poems / collection 5-poet collections will have 9 poems / collection # Tokenomics & Distribution: a. 3-poet collections will always have 60 participants (45 poets + 15 artists) b. 5-poet collections will have 54 participants (45 poets + 9 artists) c. We do a linear distribution, so if the same person/address repeats, it just gets paid 2, 3, ..., times. d. Breakdown is as follows: 1. 20% for Room Creators & 20% for Artists: 1.1. 3-room collections: 2.22% per Room Creator, 1.33% per Artist 1.2. 5-room collections: 1.33% per Room Creator, 2.22% per Artist 2. 40% for other Poets participating: 2.1. 3-room collections: 1.33% per Poet (30 participants) 2.2. 5-room collections: 1.11% per Poet (36 participants) 3. 10% for Dev Team 4. 10% for DAO Treasury & Protocol Development

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How it's made

IPFS NFT Storage: for practical reasons of decentralization, usability, and permanence of Data. Contracts deployed on Polygon: ecosystem, reliability, and infinite potential to build and customize a multi-NFT Marketplace for Art Collectives. NFT Poetry Books deployed on OpenSea: still the most straightforward, and Artist-/Developer-friendly Marketplace Multisig Treasury with GnosisSafe: PoetGalleryDAO & Profit Distribution