This product is an NFT game, but it is designed to be an anti-NFT symbol. The product consists of AI-based NFT generation, NFT purchase, NFT training, NFT collection, and NFT battles. However, if you lose the NFT battle, the NFT will not be able to pick up tokens, and their value will be greatly diminished. Our goal is to create a product that would make people think about the value of NFTs in the current NFT bubble. Generating NFTs Using the ruDALL-E model trained for Pokumon generation, each individual NFT is generated. Purchasing NFTs Can be purchased on external marketplaces such as Opensea. Game Play You can choose "Walk" and “Food" this version. "Walk" can be performed once every 8 hours, allowing you to walk your Pokumons. Pokumons that take a walk will pick up PKMN tokens that comply with ERC-20. Tokens can be used to feed Pokumon, purchase items, or buy and sell them at external DEX. ”Food" is an action that can be performed once every 3 hours. 10 PKMN tokens can be spent to feed to Pokumon. Pokumons that eat food will gain experience. Depending on their experience, their level will increase and their status will rise. We will add "battles" in future updates. "Battle" is very simple, just press the battle button. Your Pokumon will automatically match other players and attack them unilaterally. If the attack is successful, the other player's Pokumon will die and will never be able to pick up tokens again. If your attack fails, you have nothing to lose. Future Development To promote collection by releasing an album feature and implementing NFTs with more limited and stronger status. To make battles more strategic by implementing items, and to adjust the mint/burn rate of tokens by making people spend tokens to buy them. Implement a crossbreeding feature to allow users to obtain child Pokumons that inherit the characteristics of their parent Pokumons. These are some of the things we are thinking about.

Pokumon showcase

How it's made

Our product is a game that uses NFT. Front End Created with Reactjs+typescript. Back End Created with Solidity Smart Contracts and Firebase. Smart Contracts Consists of PKMN token compliant with ERC-20 and NFT compliant with ERC-721. It is deployed in a network on Polygon. PKMN Token When Pokumon is "Walk", it will mint new tokens. In order to prevent too many tokens from being given, each Pokumon can only be "Walk" every 3 hours. A function to burn tokens at the timing of "Food" has also been implemented. NFT of ERC-721 The status of Pokumon is stored in the smart contract. It includes a function to increase the level of Pokumon by "Food", a function to get a token by "Walk", and a function to change its name. NFT Image We created a dataset of all Pokémon that exist, and generated the characters by fine-tuning them with the ruDALL-E model. We used Google Colab for training, which took 2 days. Using the trained model, it took a day to create 1000 Pokumon. NFT names By using all the names of Pokémon as a data set and training it with the LSTM model, we were able to automatically generate Pokémon-like names. NFT Refers to an image uploaded on IPFS. Deployed NFTs are uploaded to Opensea for primary and secondary distribution. Libraries Etherjs is used to connect wallets, purchase NFTs, and perform game actions.