NFT drops via the friendly and nostalgic UI of a vending machine. Furthermore, this vending machine is specifically designed to limit bot purchases and to allow for more people to have access. This is done by limiting the amount of NFT's in the vending machine at a given time and by limiting the amount an individual account can mint.

Poly Machine showcase

How it's made

Filipe came up with the idea of using the vending machine experience for NFT minting. Rahul and Liam were enthusiastic about the idea and jumped on board. Filipe started with the initial design work meanwhile Rahul was working on the contract and Liam started working on the website. The frontend of the Polymachine Dapp is React, and the Moralis-react library serves as the interface between the Polygon Blockchain and the frontend. The NFT assets are stored on Pinata IPFS, and the Moralis Platform serves as the project's backend. As a result, Polygon BSC, Fantom Avalance, and Eth Mainnet are all supported. The Moralis platform is also in charge of the app's hosting. Anyone with a Polygon Wallet account could connect and mint NFTs.On OpenSea, you can see the NFTs that have been mined. We were able to complete an end-to-end working Dapp in two days, and despite being in different time zones, we were able to coordinate, communicate, and ensure that the project was ready for submission. We're all ecstatic to have finished a working version of the project. We intend to continue working on the next version after the Hackathon because there is still much that can be built on top of the existing w