Pool Noodle Boat Cruise is more than just a JPEG, it is an experience. We are 9,999 unique pool noodles with a purpose — to bring the NFT community together aboard a thrilling and exciting virtual community. Moving beyond discord to live video and interactiveness, we bring video and networking, digital opportunitie,s networking, and more. We wanted to make the NFT community more inclusive. Not on a yacht club, or a country club, that are closed to a vast majority of people. We wanted to create a platform as a dapp where anyone can hop aboard the boat cruise.

Pool Noodles Boat Cruise showcase

How it's made

Pool Noodle Boat Cruise is a NEXT.js app, built with Solidity (smart contracts), Moralis (app backend), Livepeer (video conferencing), and Hardhat (testing). The dapp is designed to run on the Ethereum EVM, however, I tested locally in hardhat and with the RInkeby testnet for demo purpose. The front-end leverages NextJS for server-side-rendering and rapid app development for connecting with the ethers library and web3 tooling.