"Quote Me On That" is a project about making a chat dApp that enables users to create NFTs from quotes made during conversations with others across the blockchain. The idea is to capture the creation of culture as it is happening providing users with a new and unique way of memorializing their contributions to the modern scene. With the ability to trade and share these quotes users and society at large can better give credit where credit is due.

Quote Me On That showcase

How it's made

"Quote Me On That" relies heavily on IPFS for its storage and history layer. IPFS provides the flexibility necessary to make sure that interactions between users can be fully captured and rendered. NFTPort has been utilised to provide easy minting features that enable users to create NFTs with a single click and no Metamask interaction. The message coordination has been provided by the Ethereum on Rinkeby. This enables relatively fast reads and load times. The project also uses Covalent for price management. This is used to quote prices of sale currencies in USD and to quote the realtime value of items in USD