Real Meta Key is a tool that enables users to support public goods and crypto brands through stream payments, get NFT as rewards. The special NFT can be used to collect additional rewards such as activation codes. Our demo is made for Dark Forest, the on-chain zk-Snarks game which use whitelist keys to allow users to enter the game world. Users can support the Dark Forest officials and tournament organizers by Superfluid, get a key NFT and redeem a real whitelist key (code) by using the NFT. Ideally, this tool can be utilized by any public goods and crypto brands, help them reward their long-term supporters more simply and directly by allowing the them to experience their products.

Real Meta Key showcase

How it's made

The basic flow and structure of this project: 1. Stream payment receiver registers their address in the grant page which implements Superfuild API and provides several payment plans for donors. 2. The receiver can use the script we made to take a snapshot of the donors with specific condition. This script sends queries to the Superfuild subgraph, sort out the target donor addresses and save it as a whitelist CSV file. 3. Receiver can create the special NFT follows ERC721 standards for the addresses in whitelist. We use IPFS to store the image since it is the best way to keep the persistency. 4. In order to deliver the Dark Forest game key, we created a smart contract that allows the NFT holders to redeem their key on chain. 5. In addition, we created an auction and market site for the NFT with Zora Auction House template. It greatly increases the liquidity of the project and gives a chance to the users who do not have the game key to access the game.