All current solutions for renting NFTs work with collateral, which is not optimal. You can rent your NFT that's worth 1ETH today to another person for 3ETH for a period on one month. He provided some collateral, let's say 3 more ethers, that 6 ethers. In 15 days from renting, your NFT collection hits floor of 20ETH, he sells NFT, you take collateral but he now has 20ETH, and you don't have your NFT more.

reNFTer showcase

How it's made

I really don't have time for this now, as I'm not going to finish UI before deadline, but I must type something. It's made with Solidity and JavaScript (almost, didn't finish). Moralis ethereum boilerplate is used for the frontend part and everything is deployed on Polygon Mumbai network. Rented NFTs can be resold on OpenSea.