Roboto is a SVG composable and interactive NFT. The SVG is generated on chain and you can add other NFTs to your Roboto NFT. Each NFT is an accessory for the roboto. The roboto has a battery gauge too that you have to keep charged to avoid your roboto turning off and going to sleep mode.

Roboto Interactive NFT showcase

How it's made

This project use Scaffold-ETH forking for the FancyLoogies branch to use the base structure. There is a contract for the Roboto and a library for the metadata that use this contract to avoid a contract larger that the maximum allowed. There is one contract for each accessory, one for the Antennas, one for the Ears and one for the Glasses. Each of these are a ERC721 token. And then there is the Battery contract that this is a ERC20 token.