For Axie Owners (lender) - Comes onto the Scholar Platform to put a set of 3 Axies up for use by a “Scholar” - A fresh RONIN wallet is generated by the platform automatically and the public address is given to the Axie Owner (Lender). This new wallet’s private key is stored in a Hash vault on the backend for any future asset transfers/revenue payouts - At this point a fresh Axie Infinity account (email and password) is also generated and connected to the RONIN wallet. This account is stored in a Hash vault as well - Lender transfers the set of Axies they wish to put up for use to the fresh RONIN wallet address supplied by the Scholar platform by utilizing the “gift” option on Axie Infinity marketplace - Their Axies are now listed on the platform for use by Scholars! - At any point the Axie Owner (Lender) can request all Axies transferred back to their original wallet with the click of a button fully automated For Scholars seeking Axies (renters) - Scholar comes onto the Scholar platform and browses bundles of Axies for use (rent) - Scholar selects a bundle of Axies they like and executes the “Use Axies” button on the platform - Upon executing the scholar is then supplied with the previously stored Axie Infinity account email and password needed to play the game where the RONIN wallet is connected from the Hash vault - When a Scholar is done with the bundle of Axies they can execute a “Return Axies” on the Scholar platform For more information, see our notion page:

Scholar showcase

How it's made

This project uses a Python Flask API and a React frontend. Our Flask API connects to the Ronin Ethereum sidechain to create wallets and connects to the Axie Infinity API to create Axie Infinity accounts. We use React Query for efficient querying, ethers as our Ethereum library and web3-react to tie our React components to ethers. Our backend uses MongoDB to store data.