is the first platform that enables artists to promote their art work through NFT Raffles


We have developed an NFT collection, where each owner of the NFT will be able to participate in a fair raffle. The raffle prizes will be provided by the team and will consist of a curated list of novel NFT Artists. The fact that raffles will be held at a random time period and will require staking tokens for a long period of time before a user can win, would make users want to always stake not to miss out on a raffle. The website that we have developed allows users to mint, stake and buy our NFTs, as well as look through current and previous raffles. The purpose of this project is to enable artists to enter the NFT space without worrying about marketing, as well as introduce NFT collectors to upcoming artists in various fields. Ultimately we want to become a reference for artists interested in entering the NFT space by creating content with them about their practice (podcasts, AMAs, etc). showcase

How it's made

The project makes use of the Ethereum blockchain as a transparent way to hold raffles, where the winner is publicly determined. The randomness is currently supplied via the blockhash, yet in the next iteration we will make use of ChainLink. For development, we used Hardhat with a set of plugins. The frontend is a stateless client. We use Ether.js library to perform contract interactions and React.js to implement the UI. We also made use of Moralis API and Server to get access to NFT token data, accessible only form events.