This Project has two parts : 1. NFT Talent Marketplace : In the first part any developer can come to DAPP and After connecting himself with his wallet he can perform coding assessment and get ranked for that particular skill. On successful completion of assessment he can add a name for NFT and his per hour pay for hiring. Based on skills and tests his NFT is Minted and added to the talent dashboard. From the Talent Dashboard companies can see the skills score and Hours rate then they can hire the individual for the job for that they have to sign in with their company wallet then they can stream the crypto to developer in real time as salary using Superfluid money Stream until he works for them. 2. NFT APP store Marketplace: Now the Second Part of the Project NFT App store Any developer or company can come and mint their product as NFT and it will be available on Project Dashboard. From there any potential buyer for the source code or product can buy and unlock the source code or services for them. 3.FUTURE VISION: To add more skill based learning, tutorial and practical lab NFT. Also making project to content creator like Video creator, music creator, blogger.

SkillSet showcase

How it's made

I build this Project using Hardhat smart contract framework ,Openzepplin ERC721 sdk for making non-fungible tokens contracts Standards with IPFS URL metadata file, solidity for developing to two smart contract one is NFT contract and second is marketplace contract ,Moralis Speedy Link for Polygon mumbai RPC to connect with polygon mumbai network and deploy my contract on to it on Backend. For Forntend i used Nextjs as UI framework , Tailwindcss for styling, IPFS for NFT metadata storage , Superfluid Money Streaming Service for Hiring and Polygon mumbai test to deploy and interact with smart contract.