Solvent Exchange

Solvent Exchange (SolvEx) provides liquidity pools for NFTs with randomised withdrawal function


We use Uniswap V2 pools to provide liquidity for any ERC-721 / ERC-1155 tokens through intermediary ERC-20 tokens which can be redeemed for a random NFT in the pool, randomisation done using Chainlink VRF. People can swap the tokens in the Uniswap v2 pools, our final goal is to create own infratsturcutre for this not to rely on Uniswap's smart contracts but we were unable to do so as part of the hackathon

Solvent Exchange showcase

How it's made

Based on smart contracts + Chainkink VRF, testnet deployment using existing Uniswap V2 deployment for faster development. The main difference with NFT20 is we don't distribute wrapped NFT's erc-20 tokens to governance tokenholders and in general don't divide the NFTs into shards but instead use 18-th decimal to make sure ERC-20 token is indivisible