Our project creates a public 10 pixel by 10 pixel canvas in which users can collectively develop art by interacting with the smart contract. In return for users modifying individual pixels on the canvas, they receive an NFT for the specific pixel that they edited. Specifically, since we use the ERC1155 token standard instead of the usual ERC721 standard, users who edit a pixel receive joint ownership with previous editors of that pixel.

SquareETH showcase

How it's made

The project uses web3.js, React.js, Truffle, ganache-cli, Flask, the ERC1155 token standard, the Rinkeby Test Network, and OpenSea. We used the ERC1155 token standard, Truffle, ganache-cli, and the Rinkeby Test Network to develop and deploy our smart contract. OpenSea gave us the ability to see what users see. We built our frontend with React.js and web3.js.