The motivation behind this project is to enable anyone with a website to be able to create token gated live streams. This can potentially be used by Bloggers, Celebrities, DAOs or other types of communities to host closed events online. The app shares an embed snippet which can be placed in any webpage, Wordpress blog post, etc. There is also a shareable URL that the user can share if they wish to let their viewers open the video directly.

Streamgate showcase

How it's made

The project makes use of API to add the live streaming capabilities. The API let's us ask the user for their API key and then create videos on their behalf that they can control from the dashboard. The token gating mechanism is powered by the Lit Protocol which let's the user mention a contract address of any ERC-20, ERC-721 or ERC-1155 token and mention the quantity the viewer should hold to gain access to the livestream. We use IPFS to store the metadata regarding the stream. This metadata forms the backbone of the viewer side of the app where we use this metadata to authenticate the user and redirect them to the live stream.