SuperCard lets an employer pay an employee with a cashflow streamed using the SuperCard NFT contract as a conduit and the NFT as a pointer for the receiver of the stream, effectively tokenizing the income. The employee can then open a line of credit against their income, authorizing SuperCard to deduct interest and amortization from their income upon borrowing. After borrowing, a stream is deducted from Bob’s income that will have paid fully the principle and interest by 3 months. Another reason this is cool is the fact that there’s no compounding as interest is paid in real-time.

SuperCard showcase

How it's made

Uses inherited SuperAppBase for custom stream agreement callback logic. Uses Hardhat for ETH dev. Uses React.js for frontend with ethers.js to read/write the blockchain. Uses Superfluid console to monitor streams in Goerli production. Contractually, SuperCard draws inspiration from Drip Tradeable Cashflow NFTs and the Superfluid-provided Holy Grail examples.